Ken O'Brien

My name is Ken O'Brien. I'm a 26 year old computer scientist from Dublin, Ireland. I'm currently a PhD student in UCD CASL's Simulation Science and Extreme Events Cluster working on energy efficient high performance computing. I am also a sysadmin of the cluster's Tesla GPGPU infrastructure and a member of UCD's Heterogeneous Computing Lab run by Dr. Alexey Lastovetsky.

I hold an undergraduate degree (B.Sc. Hons) in Computer Science, (minoring in Chemistry) from UCD. While studying, I worked in CASL and CLARITY as an intern, building web based software for heystaks.com. I was also Head Systems Admistrator for UCD Netsoc for 18 months and later, Senior Systems Administator at NIBRT. My final year project, entitled "Understanding and Visualizing Search Networks" was supervised by Prof. Barry Smyth. This project won the IBM OpenSource project award for UCD in 2010.

Following graduation, I took part in IBM's Extreme Blue programme where I was a member of a team which developed a prototype semantic publishing system for the BBC business news team.

In 2011 I was one of four students awarded a Linux Foundation Scholarship for most promising new talent.

My skills include programming C/C++ applications including systems programming and parallel programming with openmp, mpi, OpenCL and CUDA. I'm also proficient with Python, Java, x86_64 assembly (corrections acknowledged in Dr Seyfarth's book) and Matlab as well as Linux systems administration and web development.

I demonstrate the "Computer Graphics 1" course to undergraduates in UCD. I'm interested in high performance computing, computer graphics and embedded electronics.

I'm "kobrien" on freenode and "ken_obrien" on Twitter. Here is my public key. Here is my email.